Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here's an idea

I just read this I am not taking credit...but I LOVE IT! When you buy a new pair of shoes, keep the box! Take a photo of the shoes and glue/tape it to the outside of the box. Then when your shoes are stored in your closet, you know what pair is in what box!

In the past, I have always thrown away the box because I couldn't see what was inside it. Yet, I really need the box for many of my shoes that I rarely wear...the dust builds up on them otherwise.

Isn't this idea simple and cheap! I think I will start it in my own closet!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We just returned from our first family vacation since Maddox was born. It was great fun! We went to the Bahamas! We stayed at the Reef on the Atlantis property. It was wonderful for families. We had a great time. The flights there and coming back on Bahamas Air were horrible. We plan to never fly with them again. But the Bahamas part of the vacation was relaxing! We were also blessed to be able to take our babysitter with us so that Lou and I could have time in the evenings to go to dinner together. I think it felt like the fastest vacation we've ever had...probably because time flies when you're having fun!

Some favorite parts of the trip:
-at the airport in Orlando, we walked into a Chili's Too to have lunch. Brewer stepped in and said, "Chili's? Here?" He couldn't get over the fact there was a Chili's IN the airport. It was priceless!
-on the plane ride to the Bahamas, we told Brewer to chew gum to help his ears pop. He quickly put his fingers over his ears and said, "will they pop off?"
-Brewer slept on an air mattress next to our bed. One morning he crawled in bed with us. Lou dozed off and started to snore. Brewer said, "What is that?" I replied, "Daddy's snoring." And Brewer proceeded to snore himself. I might have laughed for 10 solid minutes after this!
-I loved coming in one afternoon to the room & seeing Brewer and Lou napping together in a king size bed full of pillows.
-I went to the pool one afternoon with Maddox. He chased (or I should say crawled...since he doesn't yet walk) after birds for over 20 minutes. He would get close to one and then it would fly away, then he would cry as if it had broken his heart. Another bird would fly by and the chase was on once again. It was precious.
-Brewer and Maddox loved THE DIG. One of Atlantis' many aquariums. Maddox was trying to break the glass to swim with those fish. Brewer saw an enormous sting ray and said, "Holy Cow" because the size was so surprising to him.
-Maddox loved splashing in the pool and we did this with him a lot.
-I think my very favorite part was watching Brewer want to be with his dad every moment of the trip. And his daddy wanting the same thing. There is NO DOUBT these two are the best of friends!

Maddox on his first plane ride: