Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent - Day 4 - Names

I realize some of you may follow this blog for the giveaway, that some of you may not be interested in any advent ideas, that some of you don't do religious things with your family, some of you follow because you want the ideas for your family, others read to keep up with our family, and I'm sure there are other reasons.  Whatever the reason, I appreciate you taking the time to read a little glimpse into our life.

Today I am going to share a website with you that would be good for anyone to use if you want to represent a group of words/descriptions.  It's called  Click {here} to check it out.  I think it is a fun site with lots of opportunity for neat ideas.

I used to get ready for today's advent activity.  I logged on and typed in all the words that describes each of my boys.  Then I printed each description.  The boys each got their own WORDLE print out full of words that Lou & I felt described them.  We talked about different words that could be used to describe God.  And how many of those words are actually names for God -- Names like: Jesus, Light of the World, Bread of Life, Immanuel, Saviour.  We got out a wreath and added one star to it with the name "God" on it.  Throughout advent, we will add more stars to the wreath.  Each star will have a different name for God on it.

Here is an example of what looks like when you're done:

Changing the subject, I am just amazed at how far technology has come.  I am typing this blog post connected to WiFi in my husband's car.  Yes, his CAR has WiFi.  How amazing is this technology?  Blows me away!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent - Day 3 - Lights

Originally, I had planned for us to go look at Christmas lights next week.  Yet, our kids were begging and begging to I switched up the advent activities; we went tonight.  We saw this:
JUST KIDDING!!!  Don't we wish we had??  Honestly, there weren't a lot of lights up.  So if you are planning on doing this, then I encourage you to wait until next week.

We gave our kids light up reindeer noses to wear during our light looking with a reminder that Jesus is the real Light of the World.

Our reindeer... I don't know why Maddox felt the need to touch his light up nose for the pictures.

Lots of other wonderful things happened today.  Jessica's little boy had surgery today!  I've known Jessica and her family for years and years!  They had a little over a week to raise $100,000 (yes, that's one hundred thousand dollars) for their son to have surgery...and they did it!  Well, God did it.  Amazing!  You can follow their story by clicking {here}.

Friends of ours found out they are getting two children from the foster system.  Another blessing.  

Lots of wonderful things going on in our world.  Lots of loving and caring people out there.  Wish more of these things were advertised rather than the bad and sad things.

Another happy thing is the Amazon gift card giveaway.  Learn more about it {here}.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent - Day 2

Traditionally, an advent wreath would start on a Sunday.  But who said we're traditional around here???  So today for advent activity, we got out a "wreath" the boys made last year.  This wreath has its green from bell pepper painting which Brewer did; its red berries are Maddox's fingerprints.  The outside of the wreath has four candles (battery powered, thank you very much, after all I do have a 3 and 6 year old).  The center has the Christ candle.  We will light one candle each week during advent and be reminded that Christ is the Light of the World.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Starts Today - Day 1 (and a giveaway)

Our front door is decorated with a great saying:

The secular calendar doesn't start advent until Dec. 1; yet, advent in the Christian calendar started today.  And advent is my favorite season.  What is better than preparing for the arrival of Christ?  Preparing for this arrival brings a lot of magic to the season for me.

A few years ago, we started a Christmas (new) tradition where our family does something everyday of advent that focuses on Jesus.  Today was day 1 with:

Both of the boys adopted a child off the angel tree.  Maddox picked a 3-year-old boy that wanted power tools.

Brewer picked a 6-year-old boy that wanted wrestling things.  

In addition to the toys the boys picked for them, they picked out a complete outfit including Spiderman light up shoes.  (I bet for a few seconds my kids were wishing they were these little boys.  Oh, how they would love to have light up Spiderman tennis shoes.)

It was a blessing to me in watching my kids shop for these kids.  AND THEY GOT IT!  They did not ask for things for themselves while we were out.  They understood we were shopping for others.

There really is a special magic to this season.  If you want to do advent activities with your family but haven't prepared any ahead of time, here are a few good resources.  Plus, you could always start on December 1st -- which gives you a few days to get it together.  Throughout the season, I'll be posting our activities here too.

Advent Resources:
-- Advent ideas from Focus on the Family, click {here}.
-- Advent Forum full of ideas from past years, click {here}.

What are some things you do for advent?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven things about ME

Since 11-11-11 won't come around for 100 more years, a blog suggestion I read was to blog eleven things about yourself.  Here goes...

1. When asked as a kid, "What do you want to be when you grow up..." I would respond with, "A stay-at-home mommy who goes to Bible study."  Did I have an awesome role model or what??  (Thanks, Mom)  And now I am living my dream (in every sense of the word).  I'm in love with my life.  These two rascals make it so enjoyable!

2. I taught school before I had kids.  I enjoyed that very much.  Yet, school makes me sad now.  I really don't like it when my kids go away everyday.  Plus, I don't think I could handle the challenges that teachers face in classrooms now.  The education system (both public and private) make me sad.

3. College football is my favorite season.  Go Tigers!

4.  I believe flip flops should be worn year round.

5. I am a morning person, not a night owl.  Ironically, I love to sleep.  So maybe I'm really a sleep person.

6. I run, and I despise it.  I keep waiting for that thing called THE RUNNER'S HIGH to happen to me.  Nada... Nope this has NEVER happened to me:
7. Our house is often neglected, because I volunteer all the time.  Lou thinks I'm one of the only people who love to work hard and not get paid.  Seriously, I volunteer for things that should be paid positions.  But I just can't help it.

8. I don't like my food to touch on my plate.  And until recent, I only ate one item at a time off my plate.  Oh, did I mention I have an A-Type personality to the n-th degree?? LOL!

9.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  Hawaii is my favorite place on Earth.  Here is a photo of us in Hawaii.  I still hope to make it to Australia before my time is up here on Earth.

10. My kids are 3 and 6-years-old and I haven't come close to finishing their baby books.  I've made a few of my friends promise me that if I were to die early, they would finish the boys' books for me.  They all chuckle when I say it...but I.AM.SERIOUS!

11. While coming up with this list, I realize I'm not very exciting.  If I live to be 136, hopefully I can write a thrilling list of 12 things on 12-12-12 (year: 2112).  I guess I need to 'up my game' on life's adventures!