Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Photo

Today is family photo day for us. It is in 3 hours and I am absolutely NOT ready...but here I sit at the computer. (Is anyone else thinking 'procrastination'?) I am not ready in so many ways. I still have post-baby weight I am hoping to lose. (Do you think that will come off in the next 3 hours?) I still need to iron clothes for the boys, try on clothes for me...I have no idea what I am wearing, pack combs for everyone, pack a touch up make-up kit for me, etc. I guess I know I work well under the here I sit instead of doing what needs to be done. We haven't had a family photo since Maddox was born. When I have taken the two boys together for a photo, I have been exhausted after the photo shoot and I'M NOT EVEN IN THOSE! LOL! Whew -- maybe I should take a nap first. Maybe I should take a shower for the day (always a plus, especially on a photo day).
Yet, I am not concerned or nervous about the photo session. We are having them done by Kurt English at his studio here in Jacksonville. He is so professional and talented. His assistant (and wife), Lisa, is patient and kind. Together Kurt and Lisa will do an awesome job working with our family. If you think of us at 5 PM/EST today, say a little prayer for our session. I don't think I have it in me to go back for a second take. Or better yet, say a prayer for Kurt and Lisa because I am leaving this one to them!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

I don't think I "get" Black Friday. Are the deals really that good? Would I get up at 3 AM to be dressed and in line at a store at 4 AM? I read today on someone's blog that Toys R Us opens at 5 AM but they are getting in line at 2 AM. WHAT???

Please share with me if you are going early to shop and what you planning to buy.


Comment after you're back from your shopping and let me know the deals you got!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As Thanksgiving will be here tomorrow, I think and sit of what I am thankful for. And man, am I blessed?! I am thankful for my salvation through Jesus. I am thankful for my husband who loves me even when I am difficult. I am thankful for the decision Lou and I have made for me to be a stay-at-home mom (which by the way means I am NEVER home) to our two blessings, Brewer and Maddox. I am thankful for Brewer's innocence, how honest he is, and how he loves life. I am thankful for Maddox, his trust in us as parents, and for the smile he gives when he sees me coming. I am thankful for my dad, the hardwork he gave to our family so that we never wanted for anything, and for the smile I see him get when he sees my kids. I am thankful for my mom, the time she invested in me while raising me as well as the time she gives to my kids. I am thankful for my brother because he is an incredible man. I am thankful I have been blessed with so many incredible friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love to scrapbook. It is a hobby for me as well as something I feel I NEED to do. The hobby in it allows for creativity, time to socialize (as I usually scrapbook with friends), and organizing -- I know a strange part of a hobby but I do love to organize things! The NEED for me to do it is that I feel I need to be the one who documents my family for my husband and my children. If something were to happen to me, I want to know that I left my family with as many documented memories as possible.

I used to sell Creative Memories. It was fun; I enjoyed teaching others how to preserve their memories by way of a scrapbook. For years I only used Creative Memories products. Some of my friends would tease and say, "We have to hide the contraband (i.e. non-Creative Memories products) from Jennifer." Recently, I moved over to "contraband". In all honesty, it is easier to acquire than Creative Memories products. I also think Creative Memories has changed their inventory to a very limited selection. I will vouch for the Creative Memories albums and say I will most likely never use anything else. I am still in love with this.

A few weeks ago someone introduced me to doing your scrapbook pages digitally through I thought it was a great idea but was a little worried about how the pages would look. So I gave it a try and ordered three pages just to see how user friendly it was and to see how I liked the pages. Once you get the hang of the website, it is very fast and easy. The pages came yesterday and I think they look better than I expected. I am very pleased. Right now the company is offering a coupon if you are going to order try this one: THANKS2U. I believe it will give you 20% off your order.

I've decided not to go all digital. I still enjoy the "act" of scrapbooking at a crop with my friends. Plus, I have all the supplies to scrapbook like this so it wouldn't be an economical decision if I completely switched over. However, a few digital pages put in throughout the photo album will be the way I go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Maddox fell asleep in his highchair this morning. I had put out some Cheerios for him and while I was fixing his cereal...this is what happened. Poor little Maddox! I am sorry you're so tired!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've Fallen In Love

Anyone reading this post should not confuse my love for Clemson. I love the university, the life I had there for four years, the overall Clemson feeling, and most of all I LOVE that I am an alum of Clemson University. However, the football program in general is frustrating. This year Tommy Bowden was fired or resigned...I am not sure of the "PC" term for this. No matter what you call it, he is gone. I was very thankful that day for the decision. However, the season has continued and Clemson has continued to lose. So it isn't that I don't love Clemson University -- I do. But loving Clemson is not all about football. In my nine years of marriage I have learned a lot about the SEC and no matter how good Clemson ever is in football...there is a good possibility that while Clemson is in the ACC there isn't going to be the excitement that comes from the SEC.

Nine years ago I married a Gator...I MEAN A GATOR. He is the kind of fan that makes people say, "Those Gator fans are obnoxious!" What is ironic about this is in most situations he is reserved...but not when it comes to the Gators. I have learned the Gator traditions, SEC football, and in the meantime fallen in love with the Gators. (Again, this is NOT to be confused with falling in love with the University of Florida. Clemson University holds my heart.)

When I first started going to Gator games, I felt a little silly cheering for them as I had only ever cheered for the Tigers. But in any relationship, as you slowly begin to fall in love, you get emotional, attached, and feel more comfortable. That was me as I began to fall in love with Gator football. I've learned so much -- including how incredibly competitive and difficult the SEC is!

Before we had kids, we went to almost every home Gator game as well as a lot of the away games. After children, we weren't able to go to as many games but we rarely missed a game on TV. Brewer spent his first two fall seasons in Sneakers every Saturday. Two years ago, Lou and I (along with my brother) were able to go to the National CHOMPionship game in Arizona. What a fun football experience the Gators have given me.

Here we are with only a few games to go in the 2008 football season. The Gators are looking like they will go to the National CHOMPionship again. I mean, could it be true? Those Gators are looking good! It brought chills to me when I read what Steve Spurrier said after the Gators beat his Gamecocks tonight..."Spurrier told him [Myer], 'Good luck. Go on a four-game winning streak'." Those four games would be the Citadel, FSU, Alabama at the SEC CHOMPionship, and then the National CHOMPionship game.

Come on Gators! I can barely stand it! Are we going to the big one again? Oh, college football is so much fun! Plus, I need to know if I should be purchasing a National CHOMPionship ticket as Lou's Christmas present... The suspense is almost killing me...But I guess I'll have to wait like all other college football fans out there to see how it plays out.

Gators, I'm pass having a crush on you...I'm in love! Thanks for great Saturdays around here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Growing Up

This week Brewer had his first dentist appointment (with Dr. Barry). While we were there, the doctor mentioned that Brewer had a cross bite. Since I did as a child as well, the doctor feels it is hereditary. However, Brewer still takes a pacifier at night when falling asleep. Therefore, the doctor thinks there is a slight possibility that the cross bite is from the paci. He told me there is no reason to take the paci away immediately; but when Brewer comes back in 6 months for his next visit, then the paci should be gone.

Some of you may be gasping at this point that Brewer even still has his paci. He turned 3 in June and a lot of people believe the paci should be gone by age 3. At 6 months of age, Lou and I would only let Brewer have his paci if he were in his bed. So it wasn't as if he was walking around with a paci in his mouth trying to talk to adults through it. And Lou and I feel that Brewer isn't going to college with a paci in his mouth. We were planning on letting him give it up when he was ready. We had always told him WHENEVER he was ready, we could take the pacis to the hospital for the babies to have AND THEN Brewer could go pick out a big boy toy.

Brewer has always responded well to those in the medical field. So when he heard Dr. Barry say he had to get rid of his pacis, Brewer wasted no time. He told me he wanted to give his pacis to the babies and go get a garbage truck (that would be his big boy toy).

Today we headed to the hospital where both he and Maddox were born and took all of his pacis in a large Ziplock bag to give to the babies. A wonderful man on staff dressed in scrubs allowed Brewer to explain that he was a big boy, he no longer needed his pacis, and he handed his bag of pacis over. I was so proud of him. Brewer seemed fine with it; I almost cried. I think mommies want their babies to STAY babies. This was such a "big" thing to do.

We got in the car. I was telling Brewer how proud I was of him and how happy the babies were going to be now that they had some pacis. Brewer said, "And you know who else is proud of me?" (I'm thinking he is going to say Daddy.) And he replies, "Dr. Barry."

Off we went to get Brewer the garbage truck he had been wanting. So Santa if you were busy making this in your workshop for Brewer, he has been a very good little boy this year but start making a different toy. Brewer got this one covered on his own!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kids Say The Darnest Things

Brewer's teacher asked me to come and read some books to his class today. She instructed me to pick out some of Brewer's favorites. I picked out three books from Brewer's book collection here at the house; one of which was On The Moon. When I showed it to his class, I said something like, "Brewer loves it when I read this book to him." And he shouted out to his class, "Yeah, she reads it to me when I am going poo-poo." Nice, huh!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, David

As an adult when someone asks, “Who is your best friend?” It kind of seems like a silly question to me. It takes me back to elementary school. “Will you be my friend?” “I’ll let you be my best friend.” “I’m not friends with you anymore.” Oh, how kids can say wonderful things about friendship and hurtful things about friendship. So when I’m asked this question, my initial thought is, “I should say my husband or one of my parents.” Then my mind begins scrolling through all of my girlfriends trying to pick just one (impossible for a girl like me who has so many wonderful friends). And then I am always taken back to my brother, David Michael. I can use him as my sounding board; I know he uses me as the same. We can share our struggles and receive honest opinions from one another. He is about the only person who can give me constructive criticism from that I can accept graciously. (While I know I could use a lot of constructive criticism, he is the only one I can really take it from.)

Thirty years ago today God gave me a brother. One I didn’t ask for and one I sure wouldn’t have signed up for. In fact, my mom would find David as an infant crying with teeth impressions left in his arm…um, given by me. Growing up David and I were horrible to one another. Honestly, our parents weren’t sure if we loved one another. I am not sure if David and I even knew if we did until I left for college. Soon after this time I realized how important my sibling was. WOW – was I blessed! Now I could never imagine my life without David.

David Michael is a Godly man. He is a gentleman (with many thanks to my parents for raising him with “southern” manners). He is honest, caring, affectionate, loving, humble, polite, patient, exudes kindness, an athlete, a great brother-in-law, a wonderful uncle, and my best friend!

Our boys adore him. It is no mistake that David and Maddox share the same middle name. If given a choice, Brewer would choose to play with Uncle Day-Day over any of his friends. What’s so precious about this is that Uncle Day-Day would choose Brewer over any of his friends!

So to David…happy thirty years today! Thanks for being my brother and my best friend! I love you! --Jennifer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

thanksgiving through the eyes of my 3-year-old

Brewer had his first "homework" assignment...yes, at the age of 3! He was asked to fill a cornucopia with photos of things he is thankful for. I started the project with him by asking Lou & him to go around the house and take photos of things Brewer is thankful for. I even gave him suggestions like his playset, bike, toys, car bed, etc. He said, "Frosty and Soft Puppy". (Those are his "lovies" that he sleeps with every night.) While in his room, he decided he was thankful for a Disney book that we read him every night. So we took a photo of that too. Lou and I encouraged him to take photos of other things such as toys but he kept insisting NO. So we sat down with the TOYS R US Wish Book for 2008. Brewer started going through it. He picked out five things he wanted to ask "Ho-Ho" (i.e. Santa) for but still nothing for this thanksgiving cornucopia. So he and I continued with this project. I asked him, "What are you thankful for?" He replied, "My friends: Ethan, Avery, baby Parker, baby Miles, Ms. Katie, Ms. (yes, he said Ms.) Brian, Ms. Amy, Mommy, Daddy, Maddox." WOW! Thank you son! What a delight not to have you rattle off a ton of toys or other material things. I decided he and I should get on the computer together and find photos of these people the best we could. While we were going through our family's on-line photos, he said, "We need PawPaw and Me-Maw and Day-Day too."

What a blessing for me to see my three-year-old pick out people as the "what" he is thankful for!

We had a little more room on our cornucopia so I asked him if there were anything else he were thankful for. He told me God, car, candy, and the football guys who wear red (i.e. Georgia). I filled in some of these things in the remaining space. Brewer: what a wise little boy; he is thankful for God. I wonder...does he even know what this means? Man, I pray he does! Lou was sitting at the table with us and said, "Brewer I'm thankful for Georgia too. I'm thankful they're stinky." I smiled and thought...maybe we should skip the Georgia thing altogether.
So here it is! Brewer's first homework assignment of his life ready to be turned in tomorrow; full of the things HE is thankful for! What a blessing he is to our lives and how thankful I am for HIM! I love you, Brewer!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

In response...

In response to yesterday's FL/GA was great! We all were dressed in our Gator gear. The boys stayed with Me-maw and PawPaw during the game. (Thank you to my mom and dad for that!) It was a fun day! Of course, it is always fun when you can "stick it to 'em" during a game! :) GO GATORS! We hope to be in Atlanta in a month or so cheering them onto a SEC championship (or CHOMPionship as we like to call it)!!