Friday, October 31, 2008

FL/GA weekend

So it's called the biggest cocktail party in college football. Jacksonville is "a buzz" the whole weekend. I love FL/GA for the excitement of COLLEGE football. However, it is also a little nerve wrecking for me. If the Gators win, we have no problems. If the Gators lose, then Lou won't be the same until at least the following Tuesday. And in a big game like this year's...he might not be the same for the rest of the college football season.

Brewer has a book called Gator Alphabet ABC.

Last night he picked it out for me to read to him at bedtime. When we got to the letter U the page read like this:
U is for Uga,
Georgia's mascot of high breeding and class.
Unfortunately this little mutt is so ugly,
His face cracks any mirror's glass.

Brewer leaned down, put his cheek on the page, and said, "I love this dog named Uga." Oh, your daddy better not hear you say that. I said, "Brewer, you can love dogs. But this dog is a bad dog. He cheers for the bad guys." Brewer replied, "I like the bad guys. They wear red."

So that was the start to our FL/GA weekend. May God bless Brewer as he may need it if he fights his daddy and me about getting his Gator gear on tomorrow for the game. We believe in freedom of choice for our kids but not in their college football pickin's!!! LOL!

GO GATORS! Chomp * Chomp * Chomp!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Date Night

Here's a blast from the past photo of Lou & I when we first started dating. WOW! How we have both changed both physically, mentally, emotionally, as a couple, etc... Time is an interesting thing. As our family has grown from the two of us to now the four of us, the time Lou & I have had together has lessened. In almost every "marriage" book or class I've read or taken, I've heard that couples should continue to have date nights even while married. A few weeks ago, Lou & I committed to a weekly date night. We have a babysitter (thank you, Becky) come every Tuesday night and we go on a date. It is so nice to know we have this time together to talk, laugh, discuss, or just sit in quiet with one another. We've done nothing "grand" so far...but it certainly has been something I look forward to at the beginning of the week. While Brewer doesn't like that we are gone every Tuesday; I love telling him that I am going on a date with his daddy. I want Brewer and Maddox to know that Lou & I love each other and make time for each other.

Who knows if Lou & I will continue this date night forever...but we are committing to it until the end of the year and then we'll re-evaluate. So for now, Tuesday is our date night!

Blog link

So yesterday I posted all my thoughts about blogging. If you missed it, check it out below. If I am going to commit to this...then I am thinking maybe I need to "link" my blog to ours and vise-versa. If you want to do a comment below or send an email. You can see from my previous post that I am totally committed to this. Oh, what to do??!! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So behind on this blogging thing...

I am so behind on this blogging thing...sometimes I wonder if I should just quit. I mean, how many places can one person document their family's life? I have scrapbooks (that are so behind, it is sad), Facebook, a Shutterfly website...and now this! My original intent was to start the blog just to get my son's videos published so he could watch them. I didn't know how else to do it. Now we have a second son (Maddox). He was born 8 months ago and I don't even know if he's made it to this blog yet at all...oh the product of a second child.

Then there is also the issue of blogging -- do I make it public or private? I mean, can the whole world see my kids? Do I want that? Do I care? Ugh...the internet security issue.

And one can't forget these other things -- am I the only person in the family who will blog? does anyone care enough to read an update on our family?

So here I sit wondering if this blogging thing is worth it for ME??

But while I am logged on...I am going to post some of my favorite photos from the past few months...

Brewer immediately assumed the role of being the big brother and loves to help Maddox with everything. Here he was helping with a bath early on in Maddox's life.
Maddox next to a stuffed bear at one month and then again at seven months...oh, how the time flies by!

Brewer loves to dress he is at Buzz LightYear, Spiderman (yes, he even wore it to the grocery store one day b/c I didn't have the energy left that day to say no), and Handy Manny.

Maddox -- I LOVE this photo. And what is so great is that Brewer took it one day when he was "playing" with my camera. Thank you, Brewer!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch. We decorated our pumpkin using one of the Mr. Potato Head pumpkin smart for young children! Thank you to whomever invented that!

Maddox in his Halloween costume for October 2008 -- he's a turtle.
We've had some beautiful weather here in Jacksonville lately. Here are two photos of the boys out on the playset while swinging.