Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maddox turns 3!

On Friday we celebrated as Maddox turned 3.  We only give our kids birthday parties on the years they turn even ages (2, 4, 6, etc).  Since Maddox was turning an odd numbered age (3), we just celebrated at home as a family.

Maddox picked out popcorn chicken from Publix for his meal and a Nemo birthday cake.  MeMaw, PawPaw, and Uncle DayDay came for dinner to celebrate.

We played outside for awhile.  It was a beautiful evening.

We ate dinner and then Maddox opened his presents.

Next we enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Maddox had a great day.  There were lots of special things for him -- a celebration at his school with cookies, our family dinner, gifts from friends that came throughout the day, and special spending money from Grammy and Auntie Phyl.

I feel so blessed to have Maddox.  He is an adventure for sure...keeps you on your toes.   Yet, he is tender, smart, silly, has an amazing sense of humor, and is a dear friend even at the age of 3.  What a blessing!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's AGAIN -- You were warned...

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I love Valentine's Day.  So you can't say you haven't been warned that I like to craft the holiday to death.  Here is a little something so the teacher's don't go forgotten.  While I am certain it would be fine to give our teacher a shovel with candy and/or a gumball machine, I thought we'd do something different than what the students are receiving.

Check out these water bottles.

I took the idea from Tatertots and Jello blog's; however, I made my own changes. First of all, I could not find the Hawaiian punch anywhere in red.  (And I thought the idea of the water turning red was a perfect thing for February 14th.)  So I had to go with the KoolAid brand.  A few things about this...make sure you buy the sugar free kind; otherwise, the packets will be too big for the label.  (Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way.)
Another thing is that the packet on the KoolAid says to mix half the packet with 16.9 ounces of water.  HOWEVER, I had already printed the labels based on Tatertots' site.  In hindsight, I should have the label read "Mix 1/2 of contents with bottle of water".  (BTW, Tatertots' has printables on her blog that you could use to create these.)  I'm not changing the labels I've already printed, so I guess our recipients will be enjoying an extra flavorful drink.  LOL!  While we're discussing the labels, I also changed the name from "Love Juice" to "'Will You Be Mine?' Potion".  Brewer would be very upset if anything he had to give to someone said the word "L-O-V-E" -- oh, to be a 5-year-old boy (wink).
To: Mrs. Yvette, From: Brewer
I enjoy using the Cricut. Instead of using the heart labels seen on the other blog, I cut three layers of hearts for the "TO: FROM:" label.

Lastly, I could not find those precious red and white straws that Tatertots has on her blog.  Well, I found them on-line but not I used a different straw.  The straws I am using for the teachers were in a pack of pink, orange, yellow, and green that I picked up at Walmart.  
Look at all these unwrapped straws
being exposed in the outside air.  

But the big question here is: Does it bother anyone besides me that these straws are not individually wrapped??  

It REALLY bothers me...and I was obsessed with washing my hands while making these.  But still -- if anyone knows of a place I could get a great straw for this -- a straw that is WRAPPED -- let me know. :)

I did find these swirly, heart straws in the two dollar bins at Walmart.  But the kicker is that the straw is no where near long enough to fit in the water bottle.  So I am using the regular straws on the teacher bottles.  I thought I might make a few drink bottles for some of our friends.  I know kids love and APPRECIATE a good swirly straw.  So here is what we are going to do for the water bottles we make for "kid" friends.
And here you go!!!  A fun drink for teachers to enjoy on Valentine's Day!  I'd love for you to leave a comment her on the blog.  At least then I know that I'm not writing to myself. (wink)
"Will You Be Mine" Potion for Valentine's Day 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

SURPRISE to Disney

A few hours have past since my last post.  I hope no one thinks I was too miserable.  I wasn't...but I needed to have my little party for myself.

This post should be a lot more cheerful.

Last week I called my mom and told her I wanted to surprise the boys with a trip to Disney -- just a day away.  We could go and have a fun day.  The Magic Kingdom is always magical.  Yet, in the middle of the week in February, it's even better.

So on Tuesday we whisked the boys off to the Magic Kingdom for the day.  We had a great time.  Maddox was big enough (finally) to ride the race cars.  He thought this was awesome!

This 2-year-old thought he was "big stuff" driving his race car. :)
Brewer tried out Thunder Mountain for the first time.  He can be timid about new things; yet, he was a trooper about this!
Waiting in line to ride Thunder Mountain -- less than a 10 minute wait.  Gotta love Disney in February!
I believe he liked the ride but didn't "love" it as he didn't ask to go a second time.  He was brave and tried this new ride with no complaining!

Both of our kids enjoy the parade that comes up and down Main Street.  

Having MeMaw with us was a great addition. There is no way I could do the Magic Kingdom by myself with two children.  I was very thankful she came with us. 
I love this photo of my mom with the kids.  But why does Brewer look so upset, and Maddox is looking like he is trying to escape? LOL!

Why do adults feel the need to "squat" when taking a photo with a character that is short?  Mom and I need to learn to not do this.  We look a little 'hunched over' with Donald.
 It was a perfect day!  And a very special surprise for the boys.


Today I found out that I've fractured my right foot.  In many ways I'm thankful that it was discovered b/c I've been in pain for 12 days now.  But in many ways, I am feeling disappointed.  I have to wear a boot for 6 weeks, stop any activity that hurts my foot, and try to take it easy.  The last part of "try to take it easy" is the part that I find most humorous.  I'm a stay-at-home mom and can't recall a day where I got to take it easy all day long.  Even if I decide to have a pajama day with my kids, they have needs -- help with the potty, they'd like to eat a meal or two (not to mention snacks galore), they like to be entertained and played with.  Plus, I think they need to go to school which means they have to be driven to school -- which also requires use of the right foot, blah, blah, blah...many of you are moms, you know the drill.  I told the doctor he might has well admit me to the hospital if he really wanted me to take it easy.  So in the midst of my pity party (that I'm throwing for myself...and no one else is invited), I decided to make myself some spaghetti squash for an afternoon snack.  It's my newest food favorite.  So here's a photo of a bowl of it...and yes, I might eat the whole bowl by myself.  I bet at this point, many of you are thankful you weren't invited to this pity party, huh??

Well, enough about my pity party.  In fact, my mom taught me that when you are sad, you should do something nice for someone else; this will make you feel better.  So I've decided that when you're in the midst of a pity party, that you should think of five things you are thankful and/or happy about.  So here list of the good things this week:
1. I was able to go to Disney World with my mom and my two kids on Tuesday.  My foot pain was minimal this day.  We had a great time.
2. Maddox is potty trained. :)
3. Brewer no longer has two ear infections.
4. I love crafting and have been given a great craft room/work area in this house.  This will be a good place for me to be to "rest" my foot this weekend.
5. It was 70 and 80 degrees here for 5 days in a row.  The groundhog didn't see his shadow.  And spring should be here sooner than later.

Ah, and at last, who knows who I am writing to...could be just myself.  That's the funny thing about blogs, you really don't know -- unless someone leaves a comment.  So if you want to let me know you've read, feel free to leave me a comment.  It will give me something to read later today when I'm "resting" my foot.  (ha, ha!)

Now to Him who is the ULTIMATE Physician.  I'm placing my trust that He will heal my foot in a proper and timely manner.  Praise be to Him.

Awww - and you'll be glad to know that I've finished my squash and my party...I'm already feeling better. :)