Monday, November 5, 2007

Jesus Loves Me

Brewer is such a happy child. He walks around the house singing & loves to sing in the car as well. It is difficult to get a video of him b/c he wants to look through the view finder instead of being in front of the camera. But here are some videos of him singing Jesus Loves Me. He is playing with a car in these videos so his hands are occupied...but he usually signs the song as well. (This is my first attempt at uploading video. We'll see how it goes. I think you have to click the play button twice.)

Jesus Loves Me - Take 1 (Brewer stops singing b/c he wants to look through the view finder of the camera)

Jesus Loves Me - Take 2 (On this video, you'll see Brewer saying "cheese" for the camera and you'll see that he starts whisper singing. These are things I see him do all the time. You're blessed you get to see it all in one video. SMILES!)


  1. "I did it, I did it..." (singing to the tune of the Dora song)...Yeah, the uploaded video worked!!! -Mommy

  2. Dear Brewer,

    Just when we think it couldn't possibly be more fun, it is! Thanks for your sending your wonderful songs. I can hardly wait to receive the next one.