Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where's my 2-year-old?

I now own a leash.

If you judge me, I will come after you. :)

Maddox and I locked down Kohl's department store for 6 minutes, because I lost him.

Maybe harness is a better word than leash.

So → I now own a harness.

You'll only ever fully understand if Maddox is your own. He is a blessing but so, so busy. When you shop, be thankful he doesn't have to go with you. But we wouldn't trade him, he's our keeper!


  1. I had a harness for Dustin. Used it when we went to large events like the county fair, etc. He hated it but he was a wanderer too.

  2. Phyllis, Something about that doesn't surprise me! :)

  3. So funny! When I was traveling with Kueffer this summer for the first time alone, my mother brought over TWO of these harnesses (the dog and monkey)! K is also a very busy and fast boy, so I guess she thought I would need back up! :)
    Love your blog.