Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Day - "Noon" Year's Party

Boys with the Zoo Lion

We dedicated December 31, 2010 to a family day. The day started at the Jacksonville Zoo for a Noon Year's Party. It was a great idea but so, so, so, so crowded. The activities the zoo provided were great. In fact, here is Brewer with the "Mad Scientist".
Yet, if you tell people in Jacksonville that FREE goodie bags are going to be given out to the first 500 people...then the mobs come out. LOL! But we were able to celebrate the new year at noon.

After the zoo, the boys wanted to stop at Bruster's for ice cream. And you didn't hear any complaints from their parents about this. :)
I'm not sure why the boys look angry in this photo...LOL! They were very happy to be having ice cream.

We all went home and napped -- everyone agreed on this. My kids are usually great about nap time.

Next, it was a new year's eve dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Then home to play a few games before time for bed.

It was a great day! Lou and I can't make it to midnight these days either. Glad we celebrated at noon!


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