Thursday, February 3, 2011

SURPRISE to Disney

A few hours have past since my last post.  I hope no one thinks I was too miserable.  I wasn't...but I needed to have my little party for myself.

This post should be a lot more cheerful.

Last week I called my mom and told her I wanted to surprise the boys with a trip to Disney -- just a day away.  We could go and have a fun day.  The Magic Kingdom is always magical.  Yet, in the middle of the week in February, it's even better.

So on Tuesday we whisked the boys off to the Magic Kingdom for the day.  We had a great time.  Maddox was big enough (finally) to ride the race cars.  He thought this was awesome!

This 2-year-old thought he was "big stuff" driving his race car. :)
Brewer tried out Thunder Mountain for the first time.  He can be timid about new things; yet, he was a trooper about this!
Waiting in line to ride Thunder Mountain -- less than a 10 minute wait.  Gotta love Disney in February!
I believe he liked the ride but didn't "love" it as he didn't ask to go a second time.  He was brave and tried this new ride with no complaining!

Both of our kids enjoy the parade that comes up and down Main Street.  

Having MeMaw with us was a great addition. There is no way I could do the Magic Kingdom by myself with two children.  I was very thankful she came with us. 
I love this photo of my mom with the kids.  But why does Brewer look so upset, and Maddox is looking like he is trying to escape? LOL!

Why do adults feel the need to "squat" when taking a photo with a character that is short?  Mom and I need to learn to not do this.  We look a little 'hunched over' with Donald.
 It was a perfect day!  And a very special surprise for the boys.


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