Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today I found out that I've fractured my right foot.  In many ways I'm thankful that it was discovered b/c I've been in pain for 12 days now.  But in many ways, I am feeling disappointed.  I have to wear a boot for 6 weeks, stop any activity that hurts my foot, and try to take it easy.  The last part of "try to take it easy" is the part that I find most humorous.  I'm a stay-at-home mom and can't recall a day where I got to take it easy all day long.  Even if I decide to have a pajama day with my kids, they have needs -- help with the potty, they'd like to eat a meal or two (not to mention snacks galore), they like to be entertained and played with.  Plus, I think they need to go to school which means they have to be driven to school -- which also requires use of the right foot, blah, blah, blah...many of you are moms, you know the drill.  I told the doctor he might has well admit me to the hospital if he really wanted me to take it easy.  So in the midst of my pity party (that I'm throwing for myself...and no one else is invited), I decided to make myself some spaghetti squash for an afternoon snack.  It's my newest food favorite.  So here's a photo of a bowl of it...and yes, I might eat the whole bowl by myself.  I bet at this point, many of you are thankful you weren't invited to this pity party, huh??

Well, enough about my pity party.  In fact, my mom taught me that when you are sad, you should do something nice for someone else; this will make you feel better.  So I've decided that when you're in the midst of a pity party, that you should think of five things you are thankful and/or happy about.  So here list of the good things this week:
1. I was able to go to Disney World with my mom and my two kids on Tuesday.  My foot pain was minimal this day.  We had a great time.
2. Maddox is potty trained. :)
3. Brewer no longer has two ear infections.
4. I love crafting and have been given a great craft room/work area in this house.  This will be a good place for me to be to "rest" my foot this weekend.
5. It was 70 and 80 degrees here for 5 days in a row.  The groundhog didn't see his shadow.  And spring should be here sooner than later.

Ah, and at last, who knows who I am writing to...could be just myself.  That's the funny thing about blogs, you really don't know -- unless someone leaves a comment.  So if you want to let me know you've read, feel free to leave me a comment.  It will give me something to read later today when I'm "resting" my foot.  (ha, ha!)

Now to Him who is the ULTIMATE Physician.  I'm placing my trust that He will heal my foot in a proper and timely manner.  Praise be to Him.

Awww - and you'll be glad to know that I've finished my squash and my party...I'm already feeling better. :)



  1. I'll expect lots of accomplishments in the area of scrapbooking since you will be sitting around off your foot this weekend! Ha! Heal up!

  2. Hope your foot feels better soon! I also want the recipe for the squash!