Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Pea-sy Easter Gift

These are super easy.  All you need ... sandwich size Ziplock baggies, cardstock, Easter stickers or die cuts, stapler, and some candy.

First fill the bags about halfway with candy and zip the bag shut.  I would have LOVED to do chocolate candy, but the kids are going to be outside for 3 hours tomorrow...so I had to go with this chewy kind.

Then take some cardstock and cut it in a 5.5"x6.5" rectangle.  Using the 6.5" part as your length, fold the 5.5" part in half...making it 2.75" on each side.   Decorate one side of this fold how you would like.  On these there is an Easter bunny attached with pop dots and the words "Happy Easter".  We've also added the classmate's name and Maddox's name.

Once decorated, staple the cardstock to the baggie.  Make sure the baggie is in between the cardstock.  VIOLA!  SO EASY!!

Now I must confess and tell you that I was planning on making these and using my Cricut to create the cardstock piece.  But I found these cardstock pieces pre-made in a pack of 20 at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.25...so I really couldn't go wrong.  I cheated and used the pre-made ones...but you could make them easily!

Happy Easter!


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