Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent - Day 3 - Lights

Originally, I had planned for us to go look at Christmas lights next week.  Yet, our kids were begging and begging to go...so I switched up the advent activities; we went tonight.  We saw this:
JUST KIDDING!!!  Don't we wish we had??  Honestly, there weren't a lot of lights up.  So if you are planning on doing this, then I encourage you to wait until next week.

We gave our kids light up reindeer noses to wear during our light looking with a reminder that Jesus is the real Light of the World.

Our reindeer... I don't know why Maddox felt the need to touch his light up nose for the pictures.

Lots of other wonderful things happened today.  Jessica's little boy had surgery today!  I've known Jessica and her family for years and years!  They had a little over a week to raise $100,000 (yes, that's one hundred thousand dollars) for their son to have surgery...and they did it!  Well, God did it.  Amazing!  You can follow their story by clicking {here}.

Friends of ours found out they are getting two children from the foster system.  Another blessing.  

Lots of wonderful things going on in our world.  Lots of loving and caring people out there.  Wish more of these things were advertised rather than the bad and sad things.

Another happy thing is the Amazon gift card giveaway.  Learn more about it {here}.


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