Monday, May 28, 2012

Yeah! for

Here is a trick that many people will want to know about.  I'm so happy, excited, thankful for it!!! now lets you make a collage!!  It's wonderful!

Here's what you do:
- Go to

You'll get this screen that I'm showing you above.  On the left, there are three boxes, select the third box, "CREATE A COLLAGE".

- You'll be taken to this screen:
On the far left you'll see an icon that looks like a group of mountains.  This is what you select when you want to upload your photos.  Below that there is an icon that looks like some blocks.  This is the format you will want -- two photos, horizontal/vertical; three photos; four photos; etc.  There is even a selection on here for your FB COVER.  The third icon looks like an art palette.  Here you will be able to size the boxes for your photos, add a background color, round the corners, etc.

- So start playing and see what you can come up with.

Here are some things I've done with it so far.
A. One of my favorite things is when I want to post two photos on FB but have them under the same post.  For example, I was asking for suggestions for our new playroom on displaying kid art.  I was able to make this collage and show what we have now vs. what we are thinking of doing and get feedback from people comparing the two.
B. I also made a new FB COVER photo.  
This is a great new feature of  Oh, and did I mention -- IT'S FREE!!!

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  1. Oh, that FB cover photo is TOO cool! I can't wait to try this out! Thanks for blogging about it.