Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brewer's Valentine's - I'm STUCK on you

The label is covered by the ribbon but reads.."I'm STUCK on you!"
After my post about Maddox's Valentine's, some of you said to me that you wanted to see Brewer's -- well, here they are!  GUMBALL machines!!!  Both of my children are crazy over gumball machines.

Here is what I did -- I bought these gumball machines in the V'Day section at CVS.  They are $0.99/each.  Last week, CVS had a special where if you bought $25 in product, you got $10 in CVS bucks.  I needed the paper towels and toilet paper that you had to buy (the $25 amount); I got $10 in CVS bucks.  Brewer has 12 kids in his kindergarten class.  So these only cost me $2.  CVS does specials like this often -- keep your eye out!  The machines already came with the red ribbon (as shown) along with a heart shaped tag.  HOWEVER, I didn't want to use it like that...ha, ha!  I always have to do something different.  So I cut off the ribbon and tag.
I used my Cricut and cut out each child's first name initial on white vinyl using the 1-1/2" setting.  I was planning on doing capital letters.
However, once I cut it, the capital letter was really too chunky for the curve on the face of the machine.  So I decided to use lower case letters.
I placed the vinyl on the face of the gumball machine.  In this photo, you can see that I centered the letter over the middle of the machine.  You can also see where I've cut the ribbon that was pre-tied onto the machine.
I used a 2" circle punch to punch out these tags that came from Pink Elephants and Blue Rhinos.  Heather is so talented and can design you just about anything!
Using my Cricut, I cut out 12 red scalloped circles (at 2-1/4") using the Lacy Labels cartridge.  Then I used a glue pen (as shown) to attach the tags to the scalloped circle.
 Here is what the final tag looks like.  I added a hole punch to the tag for the ribbon to feed through.
Brewer's teacher sent a note home saying the kids were to address their own Valentine's.  This was to work on name recognition and fine motor skills.  So I had Brewer "address"  the Valentine by writing each child's name on the back of a tag.
 Next, I added a sheer polka ribbon and the tag to each of the machines.
And VIOLA -- Brewer's Valentine "cards" are ready (sorry for this blurry photo). All 12 complete and ready for Brewer to hand out on February 14th.  Feel free to borrow the long as you don't have a child in Brewer's class... (wink!)


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