Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent - Day 5

December 1st  --> this is the day most people start counting down to Christmas.  It's easy...start on the 1st and count to the 25th.  It's the day that most secular calendars start their advent countdown.

The countdown to Christmas is exciting.  We are excited because we get a visit from Santa.  We get gifts.  Family comes over to visit.  But what our main excitement should be about, the excitement I want our kids to have, is the birth of Christ.  God loves us so much that He sent his only son to the world as a baby.  Christmas is the celebration of this baby's birth.  

Our kids were given Lego Advent Calendars today to help us countdown the days to Christmas.  What an exciting thing for two boys to have!!!

Throughout the fall, I have been working with the boys on a program called Stick Figuring Through the Bible.  
I've decided that it really is too much for our 3-year-old...but our 6-year-old understands it and enjoys it.  Today, he and I started Stick Figuring Through the Birth of Jesus.  Today the focus was on Mary.  Here are a few of his stick figures from the lesson.
These are some of Brewer's drawings that went along with our study of Mary.  She does not have blue hair; he said that was part of her "hood". :)
To learn more about this program, click {here}.


  1. very sweet. I like the blue hood.

  2. Love the hood on Mary :). We have been enjoying our stick figure study too.