Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This week and possibly into next week, the boys and I are doing things related to birds.  Wild Birds Unlimited next to the Publix on SR13 has something my kids are enjoying.

The first day you go in and have your kids tell them they are interested in making a bird feeder.  Wild Birds Unlimited will give them a coloring sheet.   The kids go home and color it.

Another day you go back to the store with your completed coloring page.  The store will give your kids 1 to 2 pounds of free bird seed along with a packet of information on birds, how to make bird feeders, etc.
Bag of free bird seed and packet
Inside the packet
It is pretty neat and FREE!  Enjoy doing things in the summer that are free for sure as our daily activities can quickly add up.

The boys and I are also going to go to the library and get some books about birds.  That's probably as far as we'll take it unless the boys are just loving this.  There is a sheet in the packet from Wild Birds Unlimited where the kids are supposed to track all the birds they see in their backyard.  I think they have to list 20 or 25 that they see.  They can bring that paper back to the store and receive a free plastic bird feeder.  I doubt we'll do this part...but it is an option.  (My mom is the bird expert...maybe she'll do it with Brewer in her yard...hint, hint.)

I had no idea the store offered this.  I love finding little "programs" like this for my kids.  What other neat things have you found for your kids this summer??  Please share...


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