Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Been on my TO DO list since the new year...

I am finally doing something with my kids starting today (yes, June 1st) that has been on my TO DO LIST since JANUARY -- YIKES!!

I have wanted to memorize scripture with my kids. My mom found a site about a Scripture Memory System that she sent to me.  When I first looked at the site, I must be honest. I just skimmed it and thought, "Too much work." So I began looking for other ways and 5 months in, I'd come up with nothing. So I decided to go back to this model and really take the time to read the page. And you know's not that involved at all. :)

On Tuesday I went and bought our index cards, index card box, and dividers. Then I picked out five verses for us to start with. You know some of the obvious...the Golden Rule, John 3:16, etc. And we've started!

Music is another way that I think is a great way to memorize why not try it with scripture. I have the Seeds of Character CD coming in the mail. Once I listen to it with the kids, I'll let you know my thoughts. Each song is supposed to sing a Bible verse or verses. The verses on the CD are what I plan on using next for the verses in our box.

So check one off the TO DO LIST. Our box is ready and we've started!
Click here for the website with the Scripture Memory System.


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