Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piranha Plants

Brewer's birthday party was today.  He had a game truck come and a Mario theme.  I saw these Piranha Plants from the classic Mario game on Cute As A Fox creations blog.  I just had to borrow the idea.  Red balls were very difficult to find (when I was looking...LOL!).  Right now, red bouncy balls are everywhere in stores.  But back when I was looking for them, so many of you were looking for me as well.  Thank you for that!  Here is what came out of that red ball search.

These plants were candy bowls at the party.  Smarties and Double Bubble are two of Brewer's favorites, so they were perfect choices for the party.

This project took a lot of helping hands -- Ashley from Cute As A Fox sent me full directions, Allison and Heather ended up finding me the red balls, my dad helped me figure out the plastic bowl support as well as consulting me in the shopping of supplies and attaching the bowl to the stem, Kelly helped with the leaves -- such a group effort and they turned out so cute!  Thanks to all those who helped get them together!


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