Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snack idea

SNACK BASKETS!!!! has brought me a lot of great ideas.  One idea that I recently implemented is working great for the boys --> snack baskets!

There are two snack baskets in our house.  We have one in the refrigerator and one in the pantry.  When the boys ask for a snack, they are able to get pre-portioned snacks by themselves.  The snacks in the pantry range from organic, healthy fruit to peanut butter to 100 calorie snack packs to cookies.  The snacks in the fridge are all what I consider a "healthy" snack.  There are times in the day that I want to control that the boys' snack is a "good" choice.  So when I hear those words, "I WANT A SNACK".  I simply reply, "You may have something out of the basket in the refrigerator."

Fridge snacks -- squeeze applesauce; Horizon yogurt; pre-portioned bags of carrots, apple slices, grapes, blueberries; cheese sticks

When I don't care what type of snack they have, I tell them they can go to either snack basket.
Pantry basket

Additionally, I am limiting the times of day that I am having to prepare the boys a drink.  I have drinks already for them next to the snack basket that is in the fridge.
Snacks and drinks ready to go
This idea was simple to implement and has made my life a lot easier.  When I get home from the grocery store, I take a few extra minutes to pre-portion the snacks.  Then throughout the week, I am not spending as much time preparing snacks for the boys.


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