Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We have a blessed life; there was plenty of good news in 2010. But we did receive bad news as well. As I reflect on 2010, the top 3 on the "bad news list" were news of both my parents' health and our friends (who live 4 houses down from us) moving to Tampa. My kids enjoy their kids (what a blessing), and the mom and I are dear friends. Many people who see us together believe we are sisters. (In fact, a few weeks ago, several people thought Ellis, their younger daughter, was mine.) We have similar values, same taste in kids' clothing and adult clothing, both of us are educators; the list goes on. They are great neighbors with one major fault -- they cheer for the Carolina Gamecocks.

Today Maddox wanted to call his friend to come over and play. And he did! He actually called on the phone and asked if Ellis could come and play. This was the first "independent" play date phone call for Maddox.

These two are a hoot together...and so sweet. Here is a photo of Maddox showing Ellis how to work the iPad.
These two kids are 2 and 4 going on 12 and 14.

When our friends move away, there will be a void in our life. We are still praying something changes, and they are able to stay in Jacksonville. Yet, for now, we will enjoy them as much as we can! We adore that our dear friends are also our neighbors -- how convenient!

On a side note, it is amazing that we have so many wonderful neighbors that have turned into our friends.


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