Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back To School

I've already shared about my obsession with Pinterest.  I keep seeing great Back To School gift ideas for teachers.  I thought I'd post this blog about the gift we made for Brewer and Maddox's teachers last year.

Brewer had 2 teachers so each of them got a 4-pack of glass bottles.  On the back of each "container" is a pocket with a gift card to Walmart for supplies for the classroom.  The bottles are each filled with things like M&Ms, colored goldfish, erasers, paper clips, pencils, colored rubber bands, etc.

They turned out super cute!

Most of the things I do are "spin offs" of other ideas.  The original idea was for a Father's Day gift.  You can find that information by clicking {here}.  I remade the labels for each bottle and for the front of the container/holder...what's that cardboard thing called??  And ummm....I hope my organization was good...b/c I sure would like to use those labels again this year.  Guess I need to start searching my computer for those.


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