Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas in July

Santa Hand Print Canvases with Brewer's Class

Do you ever have plans to blog about something and then other things in life take over?  Well, I think that's what happened here, so let's call this post "Christmas in July".

Volunteering in my kids' classroom is one of my most favorite things to do.  Honestly, I miss my kids when they are at school and being in their classroom helps cure this for me.  Brewer's teachers this past year were great about letting me in the classroom.  There was some discussion between the moms about the Christmas party craft.  All of the ones picked were not keepsakes in my opinion.  So I decided during my volunteer time we would make canvas Santa's out of the kids' hand prints...this would be a keepsake for sure.  

I think they turned out so cute!

Now, I will admit that once I get my mind on something, I will make it matter how long it takes me.  Sooooooo -- be warned ---- these take awhile.  I purchased the canvases at Michael's and I pre-painted the background.  Brewer only had 12 kids in his class this year, so it wasn't awful.  BUT it did take time.  You have to give the colors more than one coat and there is the drying time in between, etc.  After they were done, I added the ribbon to the canvases. Basically, it took over our kitchen for an entire weekend.  However, I think it was worth it (if I do say so myself)...I mean, LOOK AT THESE --> PRECIOUS!!

Working with the kids was a two step project.  One of my volunteer days, I came in and did my "regular" volunteer time.  I had pre-arranged with the teacher to stay after and call the kids out one at a time to have them place their painted hand print.  She said this would work and so that was step one.
Step One with Kids
Step two with the kids was adding the felt hat.  I had a pattern they traced and then cut out the hat, adding the pom poms, adding the eyes, the nose, etc.  

I hope to do these again -- I love a hand print keepsake.  Then again, I could use their foot and do a snowman.  It will be a new class of kids and parents...Hmmmm.....
Step Two with Kids - Finished canvases


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