Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainbow-themed Playgroup

I love our Mondays in the summer.  Many of them mean it is PLAYGROUP MONDAY.  A group of my friends that I've known since before we had kids have gotten together in the summers for playgroups with our kids for years.  Usually each family hosts one time in the summer...and today was our Monday.

We had a rainbow theme.

We read the Bible story of Noah and God's promise.  God sent a rainbow as a reminder that He always keeps His promises.  We had rainbow sheets.  Some of the kids decided to color their rainbow and other kids decorated it with Fruit Loops.

The kids played with lots and lots of toys.  After all, it is a playgroup.  And the mommies got to talk and talk and talk!!  (YEAH for playgroup Mondays!)

We had lunch with rainbow bread.  You can order this from Publix.  Isn't it neat??!!  The kids seemed to think it was. 

Once school starts, this will be a great thing to order for school lunches.  Your kids will be the talk of the cafeteria!
We had a rainbow drink station with darling paper straws to help in our rainbow theme.

These came from HEY YO YO.

We had a rainbow fruit tray, rainbow goldfish, and rainbow Fruit By The Foot. 

For dessert, we had rainbow Jello.  If you want a tutorial on how to make rainbow Jello, click {here}.

It was a fun playgroup.  

And yes, Brewer and Avery were here but didn't make it into any of the photos.  They were quick with eating and getting back to playing!


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