Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, David

As an adult when someone asks, “Who is your best friend?” It kind of seems like a silly question to me. It takes me back to elementary school. “Will you be my friend?” “I’ll let you be my best friend.” “I’m not friends with you anymore.” Oh, how kids can say wonderful things about friendship and hurtful things about friendship. So when I’m asked this question, my initial thought is, “I should say my husband or one of my parents.” Then my mind begins scrolling through all of my girlfriends trying to pick just one (impossible for a girl like me who has so many wonderful friends). And then I am always taken back to my brother, David Michael. I can use him as my sounding board; I know he uses me as the same. We can share our struggles and receive honest opinions from one another. He is about the only person who can give me constructive criticism from that I can accept graciously. (While I know I could use a lot of constructive criticism, he is the only one I can really take it from.)

Thirty years ago today God gave me a brother. One I didn’t ask for and one I sure wouldn’t have signed up for. In fact, my mom would find David as an infant crying with teeth impressions left in his arm…um, given by me. Growing up David and I were horrible to one another. Honestly, our parents weren’t sure if we loved one another. I am not sure if David and I even knew if we did until I left for college. Soon after this time I realized how important my sibling was. WOW – was I blessed! Now I could never imagine my life without David.

David Michael is a Godly man. He is a gentleman (with many thanks to my parents for raising him with “southern” manners). He is honest, caring, affectionate, loving, humble, polite, patient, exudes kindness, an athlete, a great brother-in-law, a wonderful uncle, and my best friend!

Our boys adore him. It is no mistake that David and Maddox share the same middle name. If given a choice, Brewer would choose to play with Uncle Day-Day over any of his friends. What’s so precious about this is that Uncle Day-Day would choose Brewer over any of his friends!

So to David…happy thirty years today! Thanks for being my brother and my best friend! I love you! --Jennifer


  1. Happy Birthday, David Beam!!! In my mind you are still a high school junior hanging out at your parents' house in Jacksonville during Gator Bowl weekend when Clemson played Syracuse... I'm sure in real life you are older and more complicated and less adorable, but I'll keep my memory's version! Have a blessed and festive day... :) Angela Ballard

  2. What a wonderful thing to say about your brother! You are both BLESSED! Plus I LOVE the Gator shirt!! Go Gators! Miss you!


  3. I love your tribute to him!
    -Laura Duffy