Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've Fallen In Love

Anyone reading this post should not confuse my love for Clemson. I love the university, the life I had there for four years, the overall Clemson feeling, and most of all I LOVE that I am an alum of Clemson University. However, the football program in general is frustrating. This year Tommy Bowden was fired or resigned...I am not sure of the "PC" term for this. No matter what you call it, he is gone. I was very thankful that day for the decision. However, the season has continued and Clemson has continued to lose. So it isn't that I don't love Clemson University -- I do. But loving Clemson is not all about football. In my nine years of marriage I have learned a lot about the SEC and no matter how good Clemson ever is in football...there is a good possibility that while Clemson is in the ACC there isn't going to be the excitement that comes from the SEC.

Nine years ago I married a Gator...I MEAN A GATOR. He is the kind of fan that makes people say, "Those Gator fans are obnoxious!" What is ironic about this is in most situations he is reserved...but not when it comes to the Gators. I have learned the Gator traditions, SEC football, and in the meantime fallen in love with the Gators. (Again, this is NOT to be confused with falling in love with the University of Florida. Clemson University holds my heart.)

When I first started going to Gator games, I felt a little silly cheering for them as I had only ever cheered for the Tigers. But in any relationship, as you slowly begin to fall in love, you get emotional, attached, and feel more comfortable. That was me as I began to fall in love with Gator football. I've learned so much -- including how incredibly competitive and difficult the SEC is!

Before we had kids, we went to almost every home Gator game as well as a lot of the away games. After children, we weren't able to go to as many games but we rarely missed a game on TV. Brewer spent his first two fall seasons in Sneakers every Saturday. Two years ago, Lou and I (along with my brother) were able to go to the National CHOMPionship game in Arizona. What a fun football experience the Gators have given me.

Here we are with only a few games to go in the 2008 football season. The Gators are looking like they will go to the National CHOMPionship again. I mean, could it be true? Those Gators are looking good! It brought chills to me when I read what Steve Spurrier said after the Gators beat his Gamecocks tonight..."Spurrier told him [Myer], 'Good luck. Go on a four-game winning streak'." Those four games would be the Citadel, FSU, Alabama at the SEC CHOMPionship, and then the National CHOMPionship game.

Come on Gators! I can barely stand it! Are we going to the big one again? Oh, college football is so much fun! Plus, I need to know if I should be purchasing a National CHOMPionship ticket as Lou's Christmas present... The suspense is almost killing me...But I guess I'll have to wait like all other college football fans out there to see how it plays out.

Gators, I'm pass having a crush on you...I'm in love! Thanks for great Saturdays around here.

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  1. Love this post... I agree with you 100% love our Tigers... but there is just something about having orange blood and lovin those Gators!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Miss you and so glad to have another Gator fan in the family!!

    XOXO- Margo