Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Photo

Today is family photo day for us. It is in 3 hours and I am absolutely NOT ready...but here I sit at the computer. (Is anyone else thinking 'procrastination'?) I am not ready in so many ways. I still have post-baby weight I am hoping to lose. (Do you think that will come off in the next 3 hours?) I still need to iron clothes for the boys, try on clothes for me...I have no idea what I am wearing, pack combs for everyone, pack a touch up make-up kit for me, etc. I guess I know I work well under the here I sit instead of doing what needs to be done. We haven't had a family photo since Maddox was born. When I have taken the two boys together for a photo, I have been exhausted after the photo shoot and I'M NOT EVEN IN THOSE! LOL! Whew -- maybe I should take a nap first. Maybe I should take a shower for the day (always a plus, especially on a photo day).
Yet, I am not concerned or nervous about the photo session. We are having them done by Kurt English at his studio here in Jacksonville. He is so professional and talented. His assistant (and wife), Lisa, is patient and kind. Together Kurt and Lisa will do an awesome job working with our family. If you think of us at 5 PM/EST today, say a little prayer for our session. I don't think I have it in me to go back for a second take. Or better yet, say a prayer for Kurt and Lisa because I am leaving this one to them!!!


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