Friday, November 14, 2008

Growing Up

This week Brewer had his first dentist appointment (with Dr. Barry). While we were there, the doctor mentioned that Brewer had a cross bite. Since I did as a child as well, the doctor feels it is hereditary. However, Brewer still takes a pacifier at night when falling asleep. Therefore, the doctor thinks there is a slight possibility that the cross bite is from the paci. He told me there is no reason to take the paci away immediately; but when Brewer comes back in 6 months for his next visit, then the paci should be gone.

Some of you may be gasping at this point that Brewer even still has his paci. He turned 3 in June and a lot of people believe the paci should be gone by age 3. At 6 months of age, Lou and I would only let Brewer have his paci if he were in his bed. So it wasn't as if he was walking around with a paci in his mouth trying to talk to adults through it. And Lou and I feel that Brewer isn't going to college with a paci in his mouth. We were planning on letting him give it up when he was ready. We had always told him WHENEVER he was ready, we could take the pacis to the hospital for the babies to have AND THEN Brewer could go pick out a big boy toy.

Brewer has always responded well to those in the medical field. So when he heard Dr. Barry say he had to get rid of his pacis, Brewer wasted no time. He told me he wanted to give his pacis to the babies and go get a garbage truck (that would be his big boy toy).

Today we headed to the hospital where both he and Maddox were born and took all of his pacis in a large Ziplock bag to give to the babies. A wonderful man on staff dressed in scrubs allowed Brewer to explain that he was a big boy, he no longer needed his pacis, and he handed his bag of pacis over. I was so proud of him. Brewer seemed fine with it; I almost cried. I think mommies want their babies to STAY babies. This was such a "big" thing to do.

We got in the car. I was telling Brewer how proud I was of him and how happy the babies were going to be now that they had some pacis. Brewer said, "And you know who else is proud of me?" (I'm thinking he is going to say Daddy.) And he replies, "Dr. Barry."

Off we went to get Brewer the garbage truck he had been wanting. So Santa if you were busy making this in your workshop for Brewer, he has been a very good little boy this year but start making a different toy. Brewer got this one covered on his own!

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  1. That is the sweetest story! What a big boy! And hey, both of my girls had theirs until almost 3! Morgan would have had hers longer, but it fell in the potty one night, and we jumped on that opportunity to get rid of it!

    Congrats to Brewer on his new garbage truck!