Sunday, November 2, 2008

thanksgiving through the eyes of my 3-year-old

Brewer had his first "homework" assignment...yes, at the age of 3! He was asked to fill a cornucopia with photos of things he is thankful for. I started the project with him by asking Lou & him to go around the house and take photos of things Brewer is thankful for. I even gave him suggestions like his playset, bike, toys, car bed, etc. He said, "Frosty and Soft Puppy". (Those are his "lovies" that he sleeps with every night.) While in his room, he decided he was thankful for a Disney book that we read him every night. So we took a photo of that too. Lou and I encouraged him to take photos of other things such as toys but he kept insisting NO. So we sat down with the TOYS R US Wish Book for 2008. Brewer started going through it. He picked out five things he wanted to ask "Ho-Ho" (i.e. Santa) for but still nothing for this thanksgiving cornucopia. So he and I continued with this project. I asked him, "What are you thankful for?" He replied, "My friends: Ethan, Avery, baby Parker, baby Miles, Ms. Katie, Ms. (yes, he said Ms.) Brian, Ms. Amy, Mommy, Daddy, Maddox." WOW! Thank you son! What a delight not to have you rattle off a ton of toys or other material things. I decided he and I should get on the computer together and find photos of these people the best we could. While we were going through our family's on-line photos, he said, "We need PawPaw and Me-Maw and Day-Day too."

What a blessing for me to see my three-year-old pick out people as the "what" he is thankful for!

We had a little more room on our cornucopia so I asked him if there were anything else he were thankful for. He told me God, car, candy, and the football guys who wear red (i.e. Georgia). I filled in some of these things in the remaining space. Brewer: what a wise little boy; he is thankful for God. I wonder...does he even know what this means? Man, I pray he does! Lou was sitting at the table with us and said, "Brewer I'm thankful for Georgia too. I'm thankful they're stinky." I smiled and thought...maybe we should skip the Georgia thing altogether.
So here it is! Brewer's first homework assignment of his life ready to be turned in tomorrow; full of the things HE is thankful for! What a blessing he is to our lives and how thankful I am for HIM! I love you, Brewer!


  1. That is too precious! What a sweet, sweet memory! Sounds like you guys are doing a great job!

  2. Ethan is thankful for you too!
    -Ms. Katie

  3. Brewer Avery “loves” you too. My mom called tonight and she asked her all about Halloween and she started her description of the evening with who wore what costume and then went into this whole story about how she and Brewer ran from house to house and got so much candy and “ I LOVE Brewer, he is lots of fun.” -Ms. Amy