Monday, December 1, 2008

December Traditions

I thought I'd use the month of December to update you on our December traditions.

Every Thanksgiving weekend, we use the weekend to decorate for Christmas. This is the first time in 33 years of my life that I've had an artificial tree. But in our new home we need a very slim line tree and so artificial was the way we had to go. I must admit that it was a little easier to deal with than the real tree. However, my heart still has a slight cringe whenever we drive by a lot of trees. This year I actually was done with decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving day. Lou calls it the Christmas creep...but I want to enjoy my long weekend with the family. Therefore, it was great to have it finished early!

This year we have lights on the outside of our house, a Christmas tree mixed with what I refer to as "filler" ornaments in the browns and blues of our home as well as family ornaments we've collected through the years, our nativity sets (Willow Free, Fontanini, and Fisher Price), and garland with stockings coming from the staircase. (Our new house doesn't have a fireplace or mantel so our stockings are hung with care at the staircase.)

Since Brewer and Maddox are still three-years-old and 9-months-old respectively, they can't really help with decorating, but I do want them to know that all of these decorations and light shining is because we are celebrating the birth of Christ. Brewer does love holding the baby Jesus from our Fontanini set.


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