Saturday, December 6, 2008


So when I mentioned on December 1st that I was going to share our families December traditions, I am certain you thought Christmas traditions. Well, this is a December tradition that does not have anything to do with Christmas. THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME or as we are calling it this year the CHOMPionship game!!

The first weekend in December every year we enjoy watching the SEC championship game. In our nine years of marriage, the Gators have gone to the championship game 3 times. Lou and I are going to the game against Alabama today. If the Gators win, there is an incredible chance it means they are going to play for the National CHOMPionship game!!!

The SEC Championship game is also played the same day as the ACC Championship game...and if Clemson could ever get to that game, I'd be thrilled!

The day of the SEC and ACC Championship games is somewhat bitter. A lot of years it means the end of college football for us...and we love college football!!! Hopefully this year this game will mean our season is extended into January with the National CHOMPionship game!!! CHOMP, CHOMP & GO GATORS!!!


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