Friday, December 5, 2008

Three Gifts

Another tradition we have here in the Sicilian household is the tradition of giving three gifts. We started this after we had Brewer. Christmas was huge and completely out-of-hand as I am sure it is in a lot of your homes. I had read once that a good way to limit Christmas is the three gift rule. Jesus received three gifts (from the wise men), and it would be a good way to limit the gift giving in homes. So we adopted this philosophy. Now, don't feel bad for our children...they get three gifts from us, at least one BIG gift from Santa, a stocking, three gifts from their grandparents, and then they have their uncle and other relatives.

There are several nice things about this three gift rule. The main one that I have noticed is that Brewer is extremely selective in what he picks as gifts to ask for. We've made it clear to him that he only needs to ask for three...and his selections have been well thought out.


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