Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kids' Christmas Party

This is one of our favorite traditions in December -- throwing a Kids' Christmas Party. We started it when Brewer was 6-months-old -- that makes this year our fourth annual party. It was great fun today! We had 30 kids and 29 adults attend, plus Mr. and Mrs. Claus. It was a happy and busy morning!

The party started at 10 AM today with a craft time, we also have a playroom available for those that finish early and/or those that don't want to do a craft.
A little while later in the party we let the kids play Snow Dig. This is Brewer's FAVORITE party of the party!!! Since we don't get any snow in Florida, the kids have to make believe that shipping popcorn is snow. Hidden within the "snow" are trinkets and candy. The kids load up their bags with goodies. I must say that Brewer's bag was about three times as full as any other child's. He LOVES this game!!! Also, most parents probably are trying to be considerate and cut their kids off from digging...but not Brewer's parents (ha!), he digs almost for the rest of the party. :)

Around 10:45 everyone gathers in the dining room where our family is able to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This year we also made reindeer food during this time. We talked about how the greatest gift for Christmas was the birth of Christ. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and had his birthday cake. Around 11:00, Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived. The kids take their Christmas wishes to the Clauses, and the parents are able to take photos and NOT have to fight the mall crowds (just a little extra gift from us). {Brewer and Maddox seemed excited about seeing the Clauses this year!}

The remainder of the party is spent eating snacks, birthday cake for Jesus, finishing up crafts, playing with toys, and visiting with Santa. As the children left today they were given a personalized cup (or sports bottle depending on their age). Each child also made his/her own bag of reindeer food to save until Christmas Eve.

It was so much fun! We love throwing the party and are grateful for so many wonderful friends to open our home to!!!

Santa come back soon!!!!

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  1. AWESOME!!! You guys are truly amazing parents!!! Thank you for sharing!