Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready for the coming...

Today's post is about a tradition my mom did with us as kids. While I think the idea is great, I think Brewer is too young and certainly Maddox is for this. Yet, I want to share it. Are you preparing your family for the arrival of Jesus? Our hearts need to be in the right mindset for this. Yet, during the Christmas season, we get so busy doing other things that we often forget about preparing our hearts for Him.

Growing up, my mom would put out a manger the weekend of Thanksgiving and lay a blanket in it. She told us that for every good deed we did that someone did not know about, we were to go out into the yard and get one pine needle and place it in the manger. (You could use hay instead of pine needles.) The idea was that our manger should be filled with pine needles ready for the baby by Christmas morning. The only way it would be filled is if we were doing good and filling the manger with our pine needles.

I think it is a neat idea and one that you may want to implement or modify for your own family.

He is the Reason for the Season!


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