Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls' Christmas Party

When I moved back to Jacksonville in the summer of 1998, my dear friend, Christina, and I started a Bible study in our apartment. The Bible study lasted for years, people came and went, got married, moved away, had babies; you know LIFE HAPPENED! We haven't met in a few years to do Bible study, but all of the girls have remained friends. Each Christmas we have a Bible study Christmas Party. What is ironic about this is that there is no Bible study any longer...but this is what we call it. I believe all of us long to be able to attend a Bible study together but with work schedules, kids, and other activities...we simply aren't able to do so. Every year at the party, we eat appetizers and desserts and have an ornament exchange. It is always a lot of fun. Two of the best parts are girl talk and no kiddos! For those of us in the group that have kids...We all love our kids to pieces. Yet, we also like to be able to just be silly girls and not wear our mommy hat for a few moments. Anyway, tonight is the night of the GIRLS' BIBLE STUDY CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! I am really looking forward to it. What a great tradition we have here! My friends are amazing and I love being with them!

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  1. I'm also looking forward to a girls' night out tonight! Now that I am home full-time with Charlie, I especially crave girl time with my friends (without the kids in tow). It also helps that we are going to eat some very delicious things! :-) Bissy