Saturday, December 20, 2008


I wasn't sure I'd be able to post this many traditions when I first started this journey of blogging our December traditions. But here we are on day 20 and here goes our 20th December tradition. PARTIES!

I think it is safe to say that everyone is invited to at least one holiday party...whether it is for church, school, work, social, groups, clubs...everyone has a party to go to. I tried something little differently this year. Yesterday, I saw on a friend's Facebook update, "4 parties down, 4 to go." I thought to myself...she needs to take on my 2008 party decision.

Most Decembers we go to several parties; in fact, I usually help host 3 parties at Christmas time. But this year, I decided we weren't going to let our December be ruled by parties. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good party. And I am usually game for a party. Maybe it is because this is the first Christmas I've had two children, maybe it is because I feel behind in my housework all the time, maybe it is because I know I need to learn to say 'no' more, I am not certain...but whatever the reason, this December I decided we wouldn't be ruled by a party schedule, we wouldn't get frantic looking for that babysitter, we wouldn't stress because our nightly calendar was filled, we wouldn't fret over the perfect outfit, we just WOULDN'T.

So for two of the three parties that I usually help host, I gracefully bowed out of them. I continued this year with the Kids' Christmas Party. Partly because I do it for my own children, partly because I love doing it, and partly because I feel it works somewhat as a ministry. Also, I attended my Bible study Christmas party...but I usually host this party (not this year though). And that was it!!! I didn't attend any brunches, I didn't attend any Christmas school parties (of course, if Brewer's class needed another volunteer I would have been there), I didn't attend any work Christmas parties with Lou, I didn't attend any cookie exchanges, I just didn't. And you know what, my Christmas will be joyful this year with or without those parties. Jesus is the reason for this time in our life, and I find it easier to celebrate in this time when I am not stressed by a calendar. So for me, in 2008, I was selective on the parties I attended. It's something you might try in the future...or at least give some thoughts to ways you can help your December slow down. And to my friend from Facebook with the 8 parties -- I do hope you are enjoying these parties. I am tired even thinking about YOUR eight parties! LOL!

On a side note: PLEASE keep inviting us...because in December 2009 I may feel differently AND I certainly would feel left out if we weren't invited!!! (giggles)

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