Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So our Christmas shopping is almost done!!! A few things to pick up here and there but nothing major. In a previous post, you may have seen that we do the "three gift thing" -- where we give three gifts to our kids and each other b/c Jesus' received three gifts from the wise men.

This year while shopping I realized that we are overindulged, we need nothing, our house doesn't have room for anymore junk...and yet, I felt a bit panicked about making sure I purchased the right gift. The gift that would please the recipient. A gift that would not disappoint. What should have been a simple shopping journey began to feel like a little pressure. Maybe it is because Brewer is old enough to know if he likes something or not. Maybe it was because this is the first Christmas I had to shop for two children and I want them to have equal value in their gifts. I am not sure what it was but something caused a little bit of stress for me in shopping this year.

I kept reminding myself of the gift God gave us in Jesus that very first Christmas. And how His gift has never and will never disappoint. I wonder if I will be able to teach my children the excitement of the coming of Christ rather than the excitement of opening gifts. While I do hope all of my friends and family -- especially my boys -- enjoy opening the gifts that have been chosen for them, I hope more than anything that God's gift is impressed upon their heart this holiday season!


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